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Rising Sun Reiki Services

About Rising Sun Reiki and Energy Healing Services

Any service that you select will involve some life change. You are not a victim of life circumstances and possess tremendous courage and inner strength to alter your path. My greatest intention is that your life will feel full of light and love as you proceed through the many layers of healing and release.

I am dedicated to empowering your entire being and spirit toward recognizing the life you are intended to lead through your dedication, practice, honoring yourself and living completely within the Divine grace that surrounds you.

Rising Sune Reiki Services
Rising Sun Reiki Chakras

Service Categories

Consulting: Choose consulting if you would like me to hear your story or the stories that have blocked you somehow, and I will provide recommendations that will help you move forward. Choose consulting when you feel you need more guidance and a plan of action that is tailored specifically for you.

As a consultant I assess and evaluate what you are emotionally and soulfully expressing and help you integrate more fully with a wealth of strategies. Examples of what you may like a consultation for: a job change, moving, starting/ending a relationship, spiritual exploration, and lifestyle or dietary issues.

Session length 1 hour: $75.00
*Distance and in person

Counseling: Choose counseling if you want to enhance self-discovery, focus on specific issues that contribute to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual distress. Choose counseling if your life is overwrought by a specific theme that you simply need more assistance in dealing with.

I use both an energetic-holistic framework (seeing into the energy field), shamanism (exploring dreams and power animals) and am well versed in multiple counseling modalities.

Session length 1 hour: $80.00
*Distance and in-person

Distance sessions are set so that we can speak via the phone and follow up in email format.

Energy Session: Choose an energy session for deep relaxation, balancing and healing. A session takes about 60 minutes and is followed by a short discussion. The goal of an energy session is for you to become more aware of what aspects of your body and your life require healing. It will bring you greater focus as you discover how your energetic body speaks to you.

Karuna ™ Reiki is profoundly healing and a session signals your guides and higher self to form a partnership so that you can gain insight into your life, the various issues that have blocked you from your potential and methods to change your life situation. This unique style of deeply relaxing activates your own energy field to open toward the process of healing.

*Distance and in-person
*For a distance session I simply send Karuna ™ Reiki and work with your chakras. Before your session you will let me know what areas of your life or health are troubling you. I use this information to set the highest intention toward your healing and will share the results over the phone upon completion. We will set a time for you to call me and I will provide a follow up email summary.

First 60-minute session: Session Rate: $65.00
2 additional follow up sessions (within one month of first session): $55

Counseling and Energy Session (in-depth): Choose energy and counseling if you would like a full energy session followed by an in-depth exploration of themes, patterns, messages and guidance you have learned during your Reiki session. It is an opportunity to fully realize how your energetic history is connected to your entire being and the powerful discoveries you will make as you charter your unique interior.

Choose counseling and energy when you are working through trauma, divorce, grief and loss, soul loss (feeling empty or distanced from yourself), and illness.

*In-person only Session length: 2 hours @ 150.00

Rising Sun Reiki Chakras
Rising Sun Reiki Chakras

Animal Communication and Healing: Choose animal healing when you want to expand and understand the key connections with an animal companion. Because life force energy exists in all matter, animals are capable of sharing perspective through the same lens that people are. I connect with your animal through Karuna ™ healing and through the heart connection. Animals love to share their perspectives and serve as excellent teachers and guides in our lives.

Choose animal communication when you want to understand the spiritual relationship you have, when you want to understand how to help balance chakras for behavioral issues, when you want to know why your companion is with you, or when your companion has passed into spirit. There are many reasons you may want to understand your animal companion better. The only prerequisite is the animal must be yours.

*Distance: Most sessions are done via a picture then you will call me and I will share your animals’ perspective with you.

Session rate: $45.00

Numerology: Choose numerology when you want to discover the specific personality characteristics you were born with and learn how these characteristics propel you toward the life you are meant to spiritually fulfill. Numerology involves your unique life lesson (what lessons you are here to learn and the cosmic gifts you have brought), your outer personality (how others’ see you), your soul number (who you have always been in each incarnation) and your path of destiny (what you are here to accomplish in this life time).

I require your full name at birth and your birth date. Numerology is based on the mathematical energy formula that states each letter of your name has a specific energetic vibration as well as your birth. Combined, you will discover all the tools necessary to navigate this lifetime and the precious soul gifts you are meant to share. I will send you a complete profile to an email address including recommendations to consider.

Numerology rate: $100.00

Personal Training, Coaching and Workshops: Choose personal training if you would like to become Usui Reiki certified at any level, would like a great understanding of the chakra system, energy medicine, how to substantially improve a certain area of life through coaching techniques, or you may keep the time open-ended and receive an energy session, numerology, Shamanic journeying, animal healing with your companion, or a variety of subjects you would like me to explore with you.

Session time 3 hours: $225.00

Rising Sun Reiki Kathy Pettet

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