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Moon Hill Programs

Welcome to Moon Hill!

Select any or all programs from the list below. Moon Hill facilitates programs from
April 1‐November 30, with some exceptions. Working with Moon Hill is simple. We
come to you, no hassles in transportation and additional staffing. Call today and
learn more!

We also work with youth directly in local outdoor settings that include one of the
many beautiful parks and natural wildlife areas.

Moon Hill Nature Programs are designed to educate, inspire, honor and foster
growth so that participants become empowered to walk the earth with greater
balance and compassion, prepared to contribute her or his unique talents into the
world following experiences during intensives.

All programs infuse elements of nature, opening the seeds of
compassion through the heart that may include, journeying,
ceremony and experiential teachings in nature. Great effort
is taken in assisting recipients in creating and embracing lessons
from the earth, understanding each person’s part in co‐creation,
transmuting fears into acts of compassionate caring and
surrendering what is no longer needed back into the
universal whole. The Earth is a magnificent, wise teacher
stretching, pulsing and dwelling within our hearts, minds,
bones and tissues supporting each of us on our unique path.
We are all supported by the infinite wisdom of universal life
that weaves magic in dreams, altered states, through our
creative endeavors, and in our passion and affinity
toward love and life.

Reiki Level I: The Awakening

Approximate Time: 4 hours            Fee: $150 per person

Usui Reiki originated in Japan and was brought to the United States in the early
twentieth century. Reiki means spiritually guided, universal life force and it is the
energy that exists in all life forces.

Focus is on awakening, empowerment and understanding energetic tools that facilitate deep inner healing.
Healing is the process of not only inner awakening, but of activating one’s own capacity to heal. Healing is opening
the layers of the heart and learning to walk the path of the heart. This is truly an extraordinary process that moves
participants from the wounded story patterns that have been habituated toward shifting into the present and
creating future possibilities.

Recipients of Level I Reiki gain:

a. A template for understanding the chakra (energy) system
b. Tools to invoke Reiki healing through focus and intention
c. An understanding of how we house our biographies and wounded stories in our
energetic and physical bodies, how investment in these stories manifests into
illnesses, addictions and disease
d. The process of clearing energetic debris through invoking Reiki healing
e. All recipients go through a process of initiation and ceremony of awakening
f. All recipients receive a certificate of completion for Level I Reiki

Coyote Workshop

The Deepening: Working with archetypes

Approximate Time: 3 hours Fee: $100.00 per person

The core focus of deepening is recognizing the role of how archetypes and shadow selves show up as understudies within the core personality. Recognizing parts of the self that get projected into and onto the world of relationships is imperative within the healing process. Archetypes may include negative aspects of the personality that we try to discard or hide from. Group members will learn to journey to work with power animals and embrace shape ‐shifting aspects of the archetypal world.

Participants learn:

a. The roles, functions and personalities of archetypes
b. Discovering how the victim, bully, enabler, networker, saboteur, prostitute
and eternal child play key roles in our ego development
c. Individual and partner work on shadows and fragmentation
d. Dancing and singing power animals
e. Playing with archetypes through acting (warrior, fairy princess, loyal soldier,
f. Circle of acceptance, integration and celebration of archetypal language

Snake Workshop

Transformation, soul loss and renewal

Approximate Time: 4 hours            Fee: $125 per person

Transformation is about recognizing natural endings and new beginnings, the natural cycles that occur in life and in nature. Working with power animals, spirit allies and intrusions, we connect with individual, cultural, ecological, species and global loss. Participants experience the universal law of one through experiencingcollective loss and infinite renewal. Powerfully moving and life changing, recipients gain:

a. The knowledge that of what is in the one, is in the whole
b. Experiential growth of life, death, rebirth cycle
c. Ways to honor and respect the earth through walking the earth
d. Enhanced methods of partnering journeys
e. Ways to create ceremony for renewal
f. Perceiving and extracting soul essence

Turtle Workshop

Wanderers Journey

Time: 4 hours Fee:            $150 per person

In this intensive we learn to walk in nature from the perception and language of the heart. Seeing in collaboration with nature helps heal our conditioned attitudes of separateness and having dominance over nature. Groups learn to immerse themselves in the multisensory world of nature’s language with rocks, moss, trees, water, sky, earth, plants and insects.

Recipients learn:

a. The powerful healing that exists in nature
b. Sensory and webstring connections to nature (experiential exercises)
c. Listening from the heart
d. Exercises to increase connecting with nature
e. How to peel away layers of industrialized thinking
f. Creating harmony, peace and balance through joy and wandering
g. Group fire ceremony on healing the earth, healing the self
h. Transmuting conditioned patterns into the fire
i. Dreaming and reimagining with prayer ties

Life with Light Fire Ceremony

2‐hours before sunset            Fee: $75.00 per person

A great way to tie all workshops together is to end with the Life with Light Fire Ceremony. This is a beautiful ceremony that ties many of the teachings from each focused area. This can also be done separately to enhance group cohesiveness as the bonds created are everlasting. We initially set the group on individual tasks in which each person collects an answer from an element with the evening culminating in transmuting personal blocks into the fire. We incorporate the shamanistic
tradition of prayer ties, honor the seven directions and drum our soul songs as a united blessing.


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