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Rising Sun Reiki Benefits

Blending Eastern Energy With Western Psychology

Rising Sun Reiki and Counseling offers a unique blend of
understanding psychological health with the human energy field.
A person receiving assistance works to identify the beliefs,
emotions, and behaviors that contribute to specific life challenges,
and the associated energy imbalances.

A combined approach allows for a client to explore, participate
and release emotional patterns that have become housed within
the body’s energy system. The healing process promotes deeper
self awareness, and enables one to create a more fulfilling and
healthier life course. Reiki and counseling is an integrative process
synthesizing diverse approaches in a contemporary world.

Rising Sun Rieki Watkins Glen
Rising Sun Reiki - Kathy Pettet

The Benefits Of Reiki

Even though Reiki has been a long practiced healing science and
art, many people do not know what to expect from a Reiki session. Reiki is uniquely simple in that there are no elaborate techniques
involved. A recipient is not required to remove clothing as there is no pressure applied to the body.

A person lies comfortably on a standard massage table, and is
asked to focus on a physical discomfort, or a challenging issue
in life, or to just simply become comfortable and relax.

In essence, the Reiki practitioner and the client develop an energetic rapport, and the life force energy will naturally fill the energetic gaps, and release energy blocks that will restore balance, and assist healing.

Reiki is a wonderful complementary practice that has been found to fortify the immune system, accelerate healing, reduce stress and tension, diminish pain anddiscomfort from wounds, chemotherapy, headaches, minor aches, emotional trauma, and the stress of everyday life.

Rising Sun Reiki Kathy Pettet

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