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About Rising Sun Reiki And Counseling

Kathy Pettet M.Ed, MA, LPC, NCC started Rising Sun in 2006. Besides obtaining Masters’ degrees in Counseling and Counseling Psychology, she has received certification through the Life Purpose Institute based in San Diego, CA, as a Life Process Coach, and is a certified Reiki Master and Reiki practitioner recognized through the Holistic Studies Institute in Albany, NY.

The practice of Reiki is really about assisting others in realizing their full potential by unblocking energy centers, and restoring balance. Each person stores biographical history in our seven energy centers. When any one of these centers, called Chakras, become imbalanced, it is believed that illness and disease can manifest. The Reiki practitioner serves as an open channel for transmitting life force energy (ki) to others. The energy is passed through the hands to the client, which unleashes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Kathy has recently received her Karuna® Master Reiki certification as teacher and practitioner from the International Center for Reiki Training. Karuna® Reiki, similar to Usui Reiki originates with conscious mindful intent and is designed to resonate healing at a profound level. Completing Karuna ® Reiki training allows a Usui practitioner additional tools to facilitate deeper healing within the physical, emotional and spiritual energy centers of the receiver.

Karuna® comes from Sanskrit and is translated to mean compassion in action. Reiki promotes a deep relaxed state that permits healing to accelerate. A person becomes her or his own healing agent with the support of the practitioner. Karuna embodies the philosophy that we are all One. When we are serving the unanimous whole of the world, true healing begins. A Reiki practitioner works to achieve wholeness within the individual who then releases and contributes a more empowered self to the world at large.

Karuna ® Reiki’s greatest gift is in facilitating healing in areas of addictions/habits, relationship difficulties, psychic/psychological attacks, manifesting goals, connecting to the higher self/Divine, sending healing energy across time and distance, aiding in recovering from physical injury or disease, and promoting a greater capacity to enter a calmer state of being.

Kathy is a National Certified Counselor, and a Licensed Professional Counselor, and she integrates many profound teachings of Eastern and Western philosophies toward her work in helping others heal. Kathy practices the belief that each person’s life is guided by relationships and events that serve to awaken one’s path of self discovery. Reiki healing is one of the many ways to enlighten the way.

Kathy Pettet - Rising Sun Reiki
Rising Sun Reiki Kathy Pettet

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